Saturday, July 15, 2023

From Now On

Oo lala.
What in the world was I thinking?
You go girl!
Gotcha a good one dude!
Can we do this?
What about medical issues?
We'll cross each bridge hand in hand.

This next part is definitely the high-lite in this season which will affect me for the rest of my life. Dreams of growing old with someone seem like a fairy tale since my first husband passed away after only 14 years of marriage.  To even think of this opportunity again seems like a dream, even though his wish for me was to not be alone, but to be loved and cared for until we all meet again in Heaven.  So here we are, Wow God, He has been my reckoning force of reality.  

There were three proposals from the same guy and three yeses from the same girl.  First one was with the key ring of my jeep key fob on his knees at the house.  The second time was in my jeep with the actual radiant style diamond ring which he slipped on my finger.  He just couldn't leave the next day headed back to his place in another state without it on my hand.  Then, the third and probably most important to me is with a picture of him dressed nicely holding out the ring on one knee the words in the text:  "I don't want to find out what my life would be like without you - I don't ever want to let you go - medical issues or not - misunderstandings or not - I love you.  I want to be with you for the rest of my life.  Will you marry me? ... No doubt.  No leaving. I'm keeping you forever! ... Let's do this thing together."  After clearing the tears from my face and words back and forth.  I said, "YES, I will marry you.  We started our "relationship" online so a proposal by text is fitting to confirm our from now on..."